Purveyors of Good Taste

Sharing our Love for Food

  • ONLY Delicious Indian and MidEastern Foods are supplied.
  • Can cater also to ‘pure vegetarian’ through divided kitchens.
  • Fulfilling Full Meals to Buffet to Snacks requirements.
  • Starters, Entrées, Breads, Accompaniments and Desserts.
  • Fresh, Ambient, Chilled, Frozen – all at your doorstep.
  • Bespoke delicacies welcome –viz. chilly infused roti wraps.
  • Condiments, pickles, oil, rice, vinegar –also at added value.

Why Feast Foods?

Since 1994, FEAST has been supplying snacks and food to hotels, airlines and specialist kitchens in London and have thus attained a progressive success as nominated Small Specialist Supplier to The Hilton and The Marriott.

From a pea to a meal to a banquet, FEAST together with its sister Company SWAGAT can conscientiously and successfully satisfy your requirement for any Chilled or Frozen or ‘Served’ Indian or MidEastern Snacks and Meals and Breads and Accompaniments and Desserts.

FEAST also caters to ad hoc and special unique customer requirements; examples of which could be the chilly infused Roti Wraps, Broccoli and Brie parcels, Mini Scotch Eggs, etc.

Consequently, at a competitive price, we have also increased our portfolio to supply food associated dry goods like, condiments, pickles, oil, rice, vinegar, etc. that are the daily used items in our Trade.

As each supplier should rightly state, we supply the best products with exemplary service.